visualize your state of mind

Clara is a smart lamp that uses EEG technology to visualize your state of mind. Clara translates brainwaves into light and sound, giving feedback as you work. Clara interprets distraction by glowing red and humming quietly; a cool blue light and ambient music indicate
clear focus.

How does
it work?

After research revealed a link between light temperature and the ability to focus, my team mates Josh Sucher and Marcelo Cobo and I decided to create a lamp that would illuminate more than just your space: it would reveal your level of concentration. Clara uses Arduino Uno in combination with existing brain-sensing technology to monitor your attention levels. The lamp is the result of “Smart Objects,” a joint course for SVA’s Products of Design and Interaction Design first-year MFA students, taught by Ted Ullrich and Pepin Gelardi, founders of the product design and engineering consultancy Tomorrow Lab

rapid prototyping

It started as a tool for individuals in the creative industry, to help find that state of focused flow and productivity by getting visual and auditory feedback based on brain activity. As we developed the product, it became clear that this could have practical applications for cultivating concentration for those struggling with ADD and ADHD.

Ideation Funel
We utilized NeuroSky MindWave Mobile,

a Bluetooth-connected EEG-reading headset, to take readings of gamma and theta waves. These readings, which indicate levels of concentration, are sent wirelessly to a Bluetooth receptor in the lamp. The custom Arduino Uno code, which the designers have made available on GitHub, interprets and translates these readings into light and sound using Adafruit LED NeoPixels and Music
Maker hardware.

Source Code

We demoed our functional prototype, at the NYC Media Lab Summit, and Clara has been featured on the Arduino blog, Motherboard (Vice), Check out the Arduino code on Github.